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Flood, fire and landslide

What's involved?

As a participant, you will be asked to participate in an online survey that will take around 10mins to complete. It consists of questions around your experience in an emergency and the modes of communication used. The data gathered will only be used for the thesis research purposes, and they will only be accessible to Shraddha Kumbhar. The participant may leave the survey at any time (even if you give the consent here), and it would not influence the result of your participation. For any personal identifiable information, I will convert them into non-identifiable material before analysis.

I will not disseminate the collected media on any public forums. The information will be used for my thesis related work and may be included in future papers and outcomes related to my thesis.

Potential benefits to the participants

The survey participants may benefit indirectly from the research. The knowledge and insights provided by participants will help create better-suited solutions for everyone facing similar challenges during mass emergencies. Depending on the research results, it could be a platform, product, or system design.

Potential benefits to the research community or society

  1. The research will propose ways to extend future directions that might add to the field by considering the unique needs of particular subgroups of this larger research.
  2. The explorations conducted during this thesis might also provide insights into the creative and innovative community for creating better designs to benefit the people during disasters.
  3. If the final design of this thesis reaches its highest peak after the user testing is done, it could be taken beyond the master's program and proposed to the right stakeholders to implement in the real world.

Potential risk to participants

Psychological or emotional risk; as the thesis topic talks about disasters, there are some chances of participants getting triggered while thinking back at the disaster situation.

Risk mitigation

Support information by Canadian Red Cross,

Voluntary participation

Participation in this study is voluntary. You are not obliged to participate. If you decide to take part in the research, you can decline to answer any questions or participate at any time in the research. You can withdraw from the study without giving a reason. You can also request the withdrawal of your contributions to the data. Due to the nature of the research method, data will not be able to be separated after the analysis phase begins. You can withdraw from the research without penalty or loss of benefits you were entitled to receive at the start of the research. The researchers aim to provide information for you about what to expect at all stages of the research.

Data management

This online survey is hosted by SurveyMonkey located in the USA and as such is subject to U.S. laws.  If you choose to participate in the survey, you understand that your responses to the survey questions will be stored and accessed in the USA.  The security and privacy policy for the SurveyMonkey can be found at the following link:

During the course of the research, I will securely store the data on an encrypted One Drive account registered through ECU email. These materials will only be accessible to Shraddha Kumbhar. The materials will be destroyed securely after five years of project completion.

Results of this study may be published in: reports, professional and scholarly journals, student’s theses, design process books, websites, videos, and/or presentations to conferences and colloquia. You will be able to access the results of the study by contacting Shraddha Kumbhar through this email

Contact information and ethics clearence

If you have any questions about this research, you are invited to contact:

Student Researcher - Shraddha Kumbhar:

Academic Supervisor - Jonathan Aitken:

If you have any comments or concerns about ethical issues in the research, you are invited to contact - Research Ethics Board Coordinator at or (604) 844-3800 ext 2848.

Have you ever been in a mass emergency?

We are seeking research participants to volunteer for the study on mass emergency communications from the following group:
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